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terrestrial beginnings

The Cosmic Jaywalkers are a Chicago-based ensemble with an eclectic array of influences. Their sax-laden, celestial sounds are born from a fusion of multiple genres including hip-hop, R&B, funk, and rock that pays tribute to the time honored traditions of jazz with brilliant improvisational passages and soulful harmonies.

Historic henry’s backyard

Starting a band in the middle of a pandemic was no easy task; especially when so many venues and stages were closed off. But instead of breaking us down, the global crisis only helped bring us closer together. So we set out to make our own space to bring live music back to a world that had all but forgotten. One of our first and favorite venues to play a gig is right here in our own backyard! Hosted by our very own James Devereux, Henry’s Backyard has been the site for a number of our early shows and collaborations with the hilarious comics from Deadgrass Comedy. For getting back to those warm mid-summer night concerts, you couldn’t ask for anything more.

We love being able to adjust our practice space/recording studio to accommodate for intimate performances for our open rehearsals. Check out the link below to see one of our first performances!

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Galway Bay

On the quest to bring live music back to the Windy City, a few of the Jaywalkers entered a shredding contest at a local pub. The result? A request for an encore that led directly to the revival of Open Mic Night at the Bay. Now Galway Bay is our home away from home where the Cosmic Jaywalkers host a monthly open mic that attracts all manner of local music talents. Keep an eye out for any upcoming shows here for your chance to take the stage and showcase your own talents!

500 W Diversy Pkwy Chicago, IL
2447 N Halsted St. Chicago, IL

Golden dagger

Before the bar became the Golden Dagger, the Tonic Room was a legendary spot for locals to come and cut their teeth alongside their fellow musicians. Monday Night Open Jams were legendary not only for providing a stage for host bands to showcase their music, but for bringing together musicians from all backgrounds in a way rarely seen. Thankfully, the tradition continued on as the bar took on a new name and new management. The last open jam before shutdown was where the dream began to one day have a band and host a Monday night. And the Cosmic Jaywalkers can proudly say after over a year of hosting, that the dream has become reality.


Tenor Saxophone / Vocals




Lead Guitar


Bass Guitar


Guitar / Vocals / Keyboard



Will Schmalbeck


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