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Jack Kim

“I was born in South Korea and moved to the US when I was 8, which has nothing to do with trumpet playing but has allowed me to gain much experience in continental jaywalking. I haven’t yet graduated to cosmic jaywalking yet but I hope to one day, a hope which I leave in the hands of Robert Edwin House.”

“I don’t know how to answer the question of introducing myself to the world so I will start with some quick facts. At my last physical, I was told I have larger than average lungs, which is ideal for someone whose entire job within the band is to blow air through a trumpet.”

Good Boy Digital Originals / Cosmic Jaywalkers
Good Boy Digital Originals / Cosmic Jaywalkers

“I’ve been playing trumpet since the 5th grade and it has led me to some great opportunities like playing with the Marching Illini in college, where I met James, Casey, and Airius. I debuted with the Cosmic Jaywalkers in July 2021, and since then I have slowly learned to become a competent musician thanks to the guidance of those who were willing to include me in their extraterrestrial debauchery.”