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Casey Skorski

Born with two hearts from the planet Texas, Casey has lived many lives in different musical roles but finally pursues his dream of playing in a proper band with his best friends. Although he has played in different ensembles since first picking up the guitar at age 10, including the Chicago Balinese Gamelan, Sixth Street Brass Band, and the Marching Illini, his first band to play in the ever-evolving Chicago live music scene is Cosmic Jaywalkers. Able to play 10+ instruments, his main weapons of choice in the band are the guitar and keyboards. 

Good Boy Digital Originals / Cosmic Jaywalkers
Good Boy Digital Originals / Cosmic Jaywalkers

He formed the precursor of CJW with Airius Reeves back in late 2019 performing at various open jams and mics in Chicago. After recording his debut solo EP with future bandmate James Devereux in 2020 (released in 2021) he helped form Cosmic Jaywalkers with the additions of Tony Rood, Tyler Hoisington, Andrew Thomas, and finally Jack Kim. (Honorary shoutout to Ryan Carrigan as well)

His influences include his favorite artists: Iron Maiden, Turnover, U2, Rush, Van Halen, Anderson .Paak, Dream Theater, Kendrick Lamar, Coheed and Cambria, and Smino. 

Good Boy Digital Originals / Cosmic Jaywalkers
Instagram: @caseyskorski

Spotify – Casey Skorski

And his favorite guitar players:

John Petrucci, George Benson, Eddie Van Halen