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Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas… how to begin to introduce myself. Gulp… Well, I’m currently 29 years of age and I have a passion for music. I started playing drums at the age of 7, in a drum corps community based class for children. There I got to see an excellent drummer who inspired me to want to explore playing drums further. That curiosity was tamed and cultivated in my home church Third Baptist Church of Chicago, where I was able to play drums for my youth choir as well as sing a solo or two. From Church Services and concerts to basement/garage jamming I learned to hone my skills to be able to play among other skilled musicians.”

Good Boy Digital Originals / Cosmic Jaywalkers

Since then I have been blessed to play for various churches and other religious organizations and Hip Hop/R&B artists all over the city of Chicago and beyond. Random fact.. I have on multiple occasions, played drums for Mayoral Candidate Willie Wilson and also Mayoral Candidate Ja’Mal Green , well before both of their Mayor of Chicago Campaigns.”

Good Boy Digital Originals / Cosmic Jaywalkers
Instagram: @ddrudrumz

I got to become a member of the Cosmic Jaywalkers in 2021 after seeing Tyler at a St. Patrick’s Day party where he shared the rest of the band had been working on some music and were looking for a drummer. And I’ve been Jaywalking ever since!!