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Who Are the Cosmic Jaywalkers?

The Cosmic Jaywalkers are comprised of some of the greatest musicians this side of the Milky Way. Our variety of styles and backgrounds are our greatest strength.

“That’s rough buddy

– Will Schmalbeck

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“Carpe those DMs, fellas

– Casey Skorski

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“The groove is in the room”

– Andrew Thomas

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“Fighting blues, hit Conversion 2, psychic mental now call me Porygon”

– Airius Reeves

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“sk8 a*s, eat fast”

– Jack Kim

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“What animal do you think you could win a fight against 50% of the time? If you answer a wolf you’re crazy. Mine is a rattlesnake or a coyote. Rattlesnake, half the time it gets the 1-shot bite off, other half I get a clean stomp off, a true reflex coin flip. Coyotes are only around 40 pounds, they get a scarier rep than they deserve. Wolves are like 200 pounds. You’re not winning that even 1% of the time.”

– James Devereux

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“Win or lose, we still booze.”

– Tyler Hoisington

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“I’m a style boy for life.”

– Tony Rood

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